QxField: Field I/O and Automation made simple

Simple components for fast setup of highly engineered industrial I/O & Control Systems.

QxField components cover the entire chain from sensors and actuators up to the cloud control.

Field I/O level

QxField I/O packages allow for easy connection with equipment through the widely adopted industrial field bus Modbus Protocol. With QxField you can interface with

  • I/O cards and get access to all 0-10V or 4-20mA sensors and actuators
  • Embedded PLC in Variable Frequency Drive Controller
  • Modbus serial 485 equipments (through gateways)

Field Logic

QxField allows engineers with almost no programming skills to build complex and powerful control systems

Magic behind is a new scripting language, called AOS. AOS transform the way logic is programmed. Instead of relying on imperative languages such as C, Twincat or others, AOS is a declarative language, meaning all you have to do is to write what must be done. This way, you stayed focus on your control logic and let compiler do all the hard work.

Cloud upload

All your data are automatically stream to your servers, so your team can access them everytime, everywhere.

Clean and efficient real-time schematics everywhere: See everything from everywhere

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How do we proceed...

1 Mapping equipments

From the exchange tables of your equipments, we entirely setup I/O acquistion module, ready for field operation. pretty much all types of variables can be read/write by our universal MODBUS field bus layer.

2 Define logic

Thanks to AOS and its declarative paradigm, we can transform in days almost every engineering control process that can be explained in a human readable document.

So you just express your need in a specification document in plain words and we do the translating for you.

3 Define the control screens you want

We take PFD drawings as an input and turn them into live screens. They will be hosted on our servers.

4 Just start up!

We provide assistance for start-up and commissioning of your equipment as well as long term support and upgrade.

Contact us at: contact@qxfield.com

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