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The Cloud View layer is the one that will be the most widely used. It allows the direct interaction between the user and the different elements described in layers I/O and Logic.

Access ALL your data in seconds, live or back-testing.

Cloud View allows to monitor and act on the installation, via a web interface whose access is restricted by an identification. This web application has, in its current version of several "views", which are so many pages on which the user can display information / act on the system. Two views are always present whatever the installation: the values ​​explorer view and the log viewer view. The values ​​explorer view goes back to the exhaustive list of all the fields defined in both the N0 layer and the N1 layer, and their value in real time. The view log viewer lists all messages containing information about the operation of the installation. It is here that we find all the messages defined within the AOS code by the action [log]. Other views are created at the discretion of the user. They are based on a principle of universal creation, which is as follows: Each view contains an image, which is its "visual background", and "Controls", which are small "boxes" of control / status, which are placed above the image at defined positions in a file. xml. Example:

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